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Just drop us an email or give us a call.
Say goodbye to your pigeon or gull problems!

Contact Ashford Bird Control Services.

Whatever problem you are experiencing with pest birds get in touch.

We can arrange a free site visit, discuss over the phone and offer free advice if required.

Call us today:
0800 2343511 – We have a messaging service and will call you back the same day.
07802 270407 – Your best option as we are out helping customers most days.

Send a message.

Please give brief details of the bird control problem you are experiencing.
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We’re open when most are closed!

Monday – 08.30am until 9.30pm

Tuesday – 08.30am until 9.30pm

Wednesday – 08.30am until 9.30pm

Thursday – 08.30am until 9.30pm

Friday – 08.30am until 9.30pm

Saturday – 9am until 5.30pm

Sunday – Day off!

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